Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves in offering an efficient, professional service with high levels of customer care from a fully qualified team.



A small delivery fee might be added to the order based on your postcode, this will be calculated at checkout.

Delivery is made from 7am - 6pm, we do not give delivery time slots.

Tipped, is when the driver will tip up the truck and the loose volume of wood will fall of the back onto your driveway for you to put away.

No problem, if the delivery is being tipped this will be left where indicated on your order using the drop position. If the delivery has been pre-booked for stacking, the driver will stack as instructed.

Please mention this on booking, the office can then communicate any requirements to the driver.

We deliver come rain or shine. The delivery driver will happily put a cover over the wood if one is provided.

No, the drivers have barrows ready to move and stack the wood for those that are having their wood stacked.

During your order process you will be asked to select a specific drop location. This location has to be accessible for our delivery vehicle. 

If you do not have any area for the driver to access and want the delivery tipped on the public footpath, someone needs to be home to receive the delivery as once tipped this will be your responsibility to move. Please mention this on booking.

Our vehicles are no wider than 1.97 metres.

Generally, a loose volume cannot be tipped all into the garage due to the height restrictions of the tipper truck and a garage door. We do always try and do our best to get as many logs inside as we can - please note, therefore, the garage door may not be able to close.


Payment is taken online during your order process, unless account facilities have been set up directly with the office.

Storage & Maintenance

The best way to store your wood is in a well-ventilated space with a cover on top and ideally slightly raised off the floor to create airflow through the logs. Try and keep a couple of days burning in the house so the wood is at it’s best.

Our seasoned logs are below 20%.
Our kiln dried logs are below 20%.

Different timbers season at different rates. Our seasoned timber is barn stored and allowed to dry gradually over time.

Which Wood?

Both are good fuels, as a rule softwood will burn slightly faster but if comparing dry weight heat outputs are very similar.

Our hardwood mix generally consists of, Beech, Oak, Ash, Birch, Sycamore. This is dependent where our woodland thinning has taken place. Our softwood is Douglas fir, Larch and Spruce.

How to start a fire?

Always start small, use one or two of our firelighters and get the kindling going well and add the smallest logs first to create a good bed to the fire.