Wood Fuel Production


If managed sustainably wood fuel will be of great importance in reducing the effects of climate change and slowing global warming.

  • All our timber is sourced from sustainable sources, as trees are felled for fuel more are planted to replace them. All timber sold has a moisture content below 20%. Our seasoned timber is barn stored and allowed to dry gradually over time. Our kiln dried timber is batch dried in our kilns on site.
  • We don't sell mixed loads so you know exactly what you are going to receive, it will either be hardwood logs, softwood logs or softwood kindling.
  • Hardwood logs are generally a mix of good burning timber, oak, ash, beech, cherry etc. We do not sell willow or poplar both of which make poor fuel.
  • Bulk log loads are only sold by volume as this is the only fair measurement as wet wood is obviously heavier than dry. Our quoted volumes represent the loose volume i.e. as delivered not once stacked in the store.
  • Firewood can be delivered all year round it does not have a use by date, by ordering early you greatly help us in spreading our workload and reduce delivery timescales at peak periods.
  • We have a cheerful team and always try to please if you have a specific question please either email or call.


The Benefits

  • Wood fuel is a cheap, non fossil fuel from a renewable resource if our woodlands are sustainably managed. By using wood fuels you help to reduce our reliance on oil, coal and gas and in turn lower our carbon emissions.
  • Modern stoves and wood burning appliances are highly efficient with minimal emissions and little smoke.
  • Using wood fuel enables landowners to bring woodlands under improved management, aiding biodiversity, recreational activities and carbon sequestration.

Moisture Content and Seasoning

  • To achieve the greatest efficiency from wood fuels drying or seasoning of the timber is needed. By seasoning the wood you are allowing more energy from burning to go into heat production rather than converting moisture in the wood to steam.
  • We always aim to sell quality seasoned timber that has been felled for at least 12 months. During this 12 months moisture content will have approximately fallen from 75-30% (species dependant). Moisture content will continue to fall after 12 months but at a much slower rate, perhaps loosing only 10-15% in the next year. For this reason it is always best to try to buy timber to fill your store at the end of a winter to be stored over the summer ready for the following winter.
  • When storing timber, seasoning is helped by covering the top of the stack, we would always say to leave at least one side open so water lost from the logs can escape therefore avoiding moulding. If worried about storage please see our log stores on the products page in our shop.
  • Wood will act as a sponge when stored outside, during periods of damp weather it will draw in water and this will evaporate in hot dry spells. For the best burning results it is helpful to have a couple of day's worth of timber stored inside allowing the moisture content to fall to as low as possible.